srijeda, 23. veljače 2011.


Alexa Chung, the British model and television presenter is one of the my favourite style icons. She likes to experiment with her style combining vintage pieces with designer clothes. Alexa has that ‘I dont really care’ vibe which results in her style looking as if she just threw her outfit on. If you thought that mixing white t-shirts with fancy shorts or skirt and a simple tote bag and pairing it with messy hair will look terible, Alexa is a proof it won't. I think that she has unique ability to stay ahead of the trends and because of that she is a trend setter and not a trend follower. With her ‘geek chic’ look she proves that you do not have to show flesh to be attractive. 

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  1. love all of these photos :)
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  2. Hi! I adore her style! She is sooo Chanel :-)